The Energy Lawyers Network



The Energy Lawyers Network is an affiliation of experienced energy counsel committed to delivering high value services through the efficiencies of independent offices.

ELN practitioners are experienced in a wide range of energy law issues, including natural gas matters, electric transmission and generation issues, renewable energy, and corporate structures and counseling.  Our members bring executive, advisory, and trial experience at Federal agencies responsible for energy regulation and policy, as well as substantial energy-related expertise in the private sector.

ELN is not a formal partnership; rather, it provides a means through which clients can access the array of experience and expertise offered by its members.  With client approval, ELN lawyers may team together to provide legal services suited to a particular situation.

Members of the Energy Lawyers Network are (please click name for additional information):

        Ellen Berman

        EB Energy Law

        San Francisco, California

        Kathleen Carrigan

        Carrigan + Associates, LLC

        Boston, Massachusetts

        Carolyn Elefant

        Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant

        Washington, DC

        Natara G. Feller

        Law Offices of Natara G. Feller

        Brooklyn, New York

        Carl Fink

        Blue Planet Energy Law, LLC

        Portland, Oregon

        Robert W. Gee

        The Gee Strategies Group, LLC

        Washington, DC

For inquiries regarding potential engagements, please contact one of the above attorneys.


8/15/12:  Mogel & Sweet expands its energy law boutique with the addition of Mark Haedicke.

8/10/12:  Ellen Berman and Carl Fink join the Energy Lawyers Network.

4/24/12:  Article by Paul Mohler on FERC refund policy and law published in the Energy Law Journal.

4/3/12:  Robert Gee is has been named President of a newly formed organization, Asian Americans in Energy, the Environment, and Commerce or AE2C.

3/15/12:  Bill Mogel and David Sweet have formed a partnership-- Mogel & Sweet.

12/14/11:  Robert Gee and Paul Mohler attend U.S.-China Wind Summit in San Francisco.

12/2/11:  Paul Mohler moderates panel at Energy Bar Association Mid-Year Primer.  Unlocking the Mysteries of FERC

10/3/2011:  Bill Mogel gives presentation to Washington Energy Summit titled “Natural Gas Powers the Economy.”

August 2011:  Carolyn Elefant and Paul Mohler analyze FERC Order No. 1000.

7/1/2011:  Bill Mogel co-authors article on Leviathon, Israel’s massive gas discovery.

6/15/2011:  Carolyn Elefant and Natara Feller join the Energy Lawyers Network.


Nothing on this web site is intended to create in any manner an attorney client relationship between any of the above lawyers or persons viewing this web site.  Unless specifically noted in these materials, the above attorneys are not partners or otherwise legally associated.  Engaging one of the above lawyers does not create an attorney client privilege with any other lawyer.  Each lawyer in the ELN is solely responsible for managing his or her own practice.